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The Newsletter of

The Religion of Love

A collection of accounts that testify to the truth of the ancient prophecy that in this age there will be A Spiritual Revolution which will inundate the world with Love.

Mother Rytasha has often appeared in visions

A young girl kept dreaming of a beautiful woman in white who taught her
The Chanting of The Holy Names of God - the practice of The Religion of Love.
On meeting Mother Rytasha she recognized the person in her dreams and Mother Rytasha
to be one and the same, and became one of the early disciples.

Hassan Ali


     Hassan Ali, while preaching in Mexico City, was to be introduced to a woman who was organizing a huge program for thousands of Scouts from around the world, and wanted to incorporate a religious program at the event. While waiting to meet her, he decided to distribute some books of The Religion of Love on the street. One lady came and bought a book and immediately sat down and began to read it. It was amazing to find out that later on she happened to be the very same woman they were to be introduced to. And having read the book, found that The Religion of Love is the pure spiritual philosophy which is acceptable to everyone regardless of cast, creed, religion, or tradition- perfect for the Scouts’ event.

Mother Rytasha in Russia


     A woman collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Upon becoming well she attended a class on The Religion of Love, and publicly thanked Mother Rytasha, saying, “On the night when I was dying, you came and held my hand and I was healed.” On that very night, Mother Rytasha never left her room miles from the hospital.

Razzaque Khan

Razzaque Khan

     Once when Razzaque Khan was preaching The Religion of Love in the West, as a guest in the house of the man who had arranged the tour, Razzaque accidently locked the door to his room from the inside. It was the kind of doorknob with no screws and no way to open it from the outside. Many people tried to open it but no one could. Later the owner of the house went out and returned with special tools that were meant to open this type of lock. But nothing worked. It was then that Razzaque prayed, “Lord, God, I need this door to open!” Miraculously the door then swung open.

Mother Rytasha in Russia


     When Razzaque Khan and Mother Rytasha were traveling through Russia, they were invited to a spiritual program by a well known spiritual master. The program was held in a large theatre and the hall was packed with that master’s followers. The spiritual master then announced that The One they had been waiting for was present in the theatre. The spiritual master then called Mother Rytasha to the stage and introduced her, saying, all of her followers should now follow Mother Rytasha. And that is how The Religion of Love first came to be preached in Russia.

Hassan Ali preaching

Hassan Ali

     Hassan Ali, while traveling in Iran, saw symptoms of the prophesized Spiritual Revolution - a shift in the consciousness of the world, and met many who appreciated this message of The Religion of Love, and at great personal risk, aided Hassan Ali in translating the book of The Religion of Love into the Persian language (Farsi). On leaving Iran, a man said he believed Hassan Ali to be a symbol of God’s Holy Word.



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