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  • The Religion of Love: The Complete Teachings of Mother Rytasha

    Compilation of All The Religion of Love Books

    The Pure, Uncorrupt Truth of God
  • The Religion of Love

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    Is The Religion of Love a new religion?

    What is the only Law?

    What is the Truth?
  • A Spiritual Revolution

    How can you tell who is a real Spiritual Master?

    To be perfect, what must I do?

    What are the three things everyone suffers in this world?

  • The Path Made Straight

    How does one become enlightened?

    Why is there hatred between different religions?

    What is the greatest prayer?
  • One God - One Religion

    What is the purpose of Life?

    Must I give up everything I own to be Spiritual?

    Can a woman be a Spiritual Leader?
  • Love

    To be Spiritual, must I give up Sex?

    Which religion is the one true religion?

    How do I find true love?
  • Peace

    How do I  achieve peace?

    Where do our feelings come from?

    What is the cause of anger and fear?
  • Desire

    Why do so many not know what they want in life?

    What is our core desire?

    How can we experience truth?
  • Answers

    What is the one true name of God?

    Is God masculine or feminine?

    Does God have form, or is God formless?
  • Sin

    What is the greatest sin?

    What is the meaning of the word sin?

    What is the foremost cause of suffering?
  • Falling in Love - Rising in Love

    Can marriage be a spiritual path?

    What is the truth that shall set you free?

    Can love be lost?
  • The Book of Wisdom

    What is real wisdom?

    What are the signs of making spiritual progress?

    What is the best thing I can do to help the world?
  • Rebel!

    How do I rebel against injustice?

    What is my greatest obstacle?

    What does it mean to kill the infidels?
  • Soul Food

    Why are you vegetarian?

    Is a vegetarian diet healthy?

    Why must evil exist?

  • The Prophecy

    What is the prophecy of our time?

    Do you think a book so small could be of any consequence?

    You have nothing. How can you speak of a revolution?
  • Lost Illusions

    Why do we never feel fully satisfied in the material world, as though we don't fit in?

    Why when it's a difficult path, are we still attracted to the spiritual?

  • The Tao of Now

    Does worrying ever help the situation you are worrying about?

    Does everything you worry about happening, happen?

    How do I understand fear?
  • The Secret of Happiness

    Does God always answer our prayers?

    What is the one desire we all have?

    What is the secret to finding unlimited happiness?
  • The Mission

    Is The Religion of Love a new religion?

    What is the one true Name of God?

    How is it possible to Love everyone?

    What is our Mission?
  • The Religion of God

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    ...The Religion of God


  • The Promise of God

    What are some simple steps to enlightenment?

    Is it enough just to be a good person?

    Is God a person?

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